By being here, right now, you've made an important choice.
A determination which could very well shape and define how comfortable you'll be in the great outdoors.

Introducing the NECKHAT.

This product gives you options.
It gives you choices on:

  • How you want to wear it.
  • How you need to wear it.
  • When you need to wear it.

There's no other product like it on the market.

We here at NECKHATS think you deserve to choose.
Don't prove us wrong.

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  • CHarlotte RUtherford

    Received my order #1042. Had to pay postage of $2.02 on it was stamped postage due and postman said shipping was not paid to my husband. When I received the package it does sayUS postage and fees paid. I am not pursuing it with post office for such a small amount but thought you needed to know if other customers have had the same problem.

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