Now the Choice is Yours

NECKHATS was formed to offer our customers choices. 

Our research and development team found that 100% of people like to be warm when it's cold.
That's been our main focus. 
Keeping the fire going.

We've been working diligently with an elite, American textile manufacturer who offers a dazzling design that'll be made only in the USA.

Just recently, our new prototypes came in with a color contrasting elasticized access port.
They're beautiful.

Easy to use and an extremely comfortable poly-cotton blended fabric.

We're going to be using our first order of only 100 to launch a Kickstarter campaign this winter.

This campaign will also include a portion of funds raised be dedicated to go to a special charity whose main focus in alignment with ours. 

Keeping the fire going.
Passing the torch. 

Which means that your contribution not only helps you.
It means we're also helping others. 

See ya around the campfire.


  • Chris N

    This ingenious item is truly multi-functional, very comfortable, and will be a great item for our families’ outdoor adventures this winter, i.e., tons of snow tubing, sledding, backcountry skiing, and more! We will own three Neckhats and will purchase more! They’ll make wonderful stocking stuffers!

  • Patti

    Are you in Huntsville?

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