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NeckHats, Inc has started building out their Reseller Partner Program before possibly going public.



This program is only for stores who want to offer their customers the most innovative product ever.


Our goal is to be the world’s leading disruptor of weather accessories gear across all major markets and seasons with patent pending *WormHole Technology that's designed and Made In America!

With the Company's strategically unique positioning, it's clear what sets NeckHats, Inc apart is amazement.


Before NeckHats, Inc *WormHole Technology didn't exist.


No one has ever seen this conversion method and everyone is amazed by the versatility. 


If the weather changes, why shouldn't our gear?


That's why we say "Stitched to Fit"


NeckHats, Inc is dedicated to comfortability through conscientiousness. What that means is fostering hidden potential by expanding our relationships with audiences, distribution affiliates, advertisers, licensees, and is positioned universal success in an ever changing economic landscape.


Curious about learning more of how NeckHats can add value to your store?

No customer has ever been dissatisfied.

Join the NeckHats Reseller Partner Program and offer your customers the best in transformative gear.

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