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Looking to add the newest, most innovative cold weather gear to your product line?


Stitched to fit your needs. With NECKHAT's new patent pending transition method called *Wormhole Technology, you can now morph what was just a beanie into a face, neck, or ear warmer when ever you want!



Customize the NECKHAT with your organization’s logo and promote your brand and mission with high quality, American Made products.


After being in business for almost a hundred years, our specialty US manufacturer specializes in quick turn around times on any size order.


NECKHATS, Inc. applies a unique and disruptive technology to beanies which transform the gear and the mind enhancing both comfortability and conscientiousness  

Serving a wide spectrum of industries like: RETAIL, B2B, EDUCATION, GOVERNMENT, NON-PROFITS, we know NECKHATS will be right for you too.

All inquiries welcomed.


                     Transform the Gear-Transform the Mind


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